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2023 Coaches Information Page Sponsored by: D-BAT Lewisville, Wilson Sports & Dick's Sporting Goods



2023 Coaches Check-In Information: WEEK ONE June 10th & WEEK TWO June 17th & Rostered Player Fee Info


"COACHES CHECK-IN" will take place again at D-BAT Lewisville by Appointment Only.

1). COACHES CHECK-IN WILL BE SCHEDULED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (in 10 minute increments, see below for details).

2). COACHES CHECK-IN WILL TAKE PLACE AT D-BAT LEWISVILLE (1500 Fairway Dr. Lewisville, TX 75057).

3). The Home Run Derby Skills Challenge (1 player per team) will be take place immediately following scheduled COACHES CHECK-IN time and will take place at D-BAT Lewisville. As an example: Your  Coaches Check-In Time is 8:00 AM to 8:10 AM. That same team is automatically scheduled/slotted for their Home Run Derby participant from 8:10 AM to 8:20 AM (and if flows this way all day). All other Skill Challenge Events are scheduled to take place at Bakersfield Park!

Come organized and prepared and it will go quickly!

What is Required PRIOR to Check-In:

  • All players who will be playing on your team during the KC&BO VFG Sports Performance National Championship must be listed on your official online NCS roster, and each of those players' guardians must have the online roster waiver completed before the following cut off dates:
    PLEASE NOTE: Players do not need to be present at the Coaches check-in, only the one (1) player participating in the Home Run Derby is required to be there.
  • Week One - Rosters and Waivers Must be Completed by: FRIDAY, June 9th, 2023.

  • Week Two - Rosters and Waivers Must be Completed by: FRIDAY June 16th, 2023.

  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If a player is not on your roster by these dates they may not play in the KC&BO VFG Sports Performance National Championship Tournament.

Please note that Site Directors (same policy as the last several years) will be randomly be checking rosters throughout the week (each day, at all venues).

What is Required AT to Check-In:

To keep the process moving efficiently, please approach the Check-In Table with all of the teams paperwork ready, and please have all paperwork fully organized.

  1. Coaches MUST BRING a copy of each player's birth certificate and that copy MUST be given to the tournament staff at Check-In (we will destroy these copies at the conclusion of the tournament). All teams must present "copies" of birth certificates for each player listed on your official National Championship roster. Be aware that if an age challenge or roster challenge occurs, you will be responsible to present an original birth certificate on site at the time of the protest. Failure to do so will result in the player being deemed ineligible. It is the Coaches responsibility to produce the original B/C if protested.
  2. Coaches MUST BRING their NCS APPROVED TEAM ROSTER, fully completed, and PRINTED OFF, to turn in. Do NOT write on, or make any marks on the OFFICAL PRINTED ROSTER, or we will NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT IT.
  3. Coaches MUST ENSURE their insurance is UPLOADED & APPROVED on the NCS website. Teams without approved insurance on the NCS website will NOT be allowed to participate. Insurance MUST BE APPROVED prior to you check-in date.
  4. Coaches MUST ENSURE each player has a completed the liability waiver form. This MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO PRINTING the NCS APPROVED ROSTER. Those must have been completed online in advance (as referenced above by the respective date for tournament play). Any player without a completed waiver will be ineligible to participate in the tournament. These Forms WILL NOT be provided at check-in. Make sure all players are registered in advance and have completed the waiver and are in the system by the cutoff dates listed above. Again, you must complete the Liability Waiver Form online, by the dates referenced above, and all players MUST be listed on your approved NCS Team Roster that you bring to check-in.
  5. Coaches MUST PAY your team's Rostered Player Gate Fee at Check-In. This fee must be paid as a single payment per team and must be paid in cash (NO CHECKS) or may be paid by Credit Card. Credit card transactions will be accepted for TEAM PAYMENTS ONLY AND WILL BE ACCESSED A CONVENIENCE FEE OF $2 per rostered player. The admission fee applies to ALL ROSTERED PLAYERS. (The only exception is for siblings playing on the SAME team.) The fee is $75 per rostered player.
  6. The Emergency Contact and Hotel Information Form will be completed electronically during check-in.
  7. Coaches complete the Code of Conduct Form electronically during check-in.

Where is Coaches Check-In:

Coaches Check-In will happen at:
D-BAT Lewisville
1500 Fairway Dr.
Lewisville, TX 75057

When is Coaches Check-In:

OVER SEVERAL HOURS ON SATURDAY June 10th (for Week One Coaches) and SATURDAY June 17th (for Week Two Coaches). 

Please NOTE: The Sign Up Genius links to schedule your Coaches Check-In appointment will be posted below by: June 5th for WEEK ONE coaches and by June 12th for WEEK TWO coaches.


Remember, Coaches Check-In also INCLUDES the Home Run Derby Skills Challenge, so make sure you bring your teams designated participant (1-player) for the Home Run Derby! (This is a scheduled event, by appointment only, no walk-ups. The HRD participant must accompany their Coach to Check-In. See Home Run Derby section on this page for complete details.) PLEASE NOTE: Other Team Members Are Allowed to Come Watch & Cheer on Their Teammate! The D-BAT Lewisville Pro Shop will be open featuring Special Deals for the AAYBA players and families!

Check-In Time slots are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, so get signed up & secure your time slot ASAP once the link goes live!

Rostered Player Fee:

No Individual "Per Person" Gate Fees will be collected, only the Rostered Player Fee (i.e. "Gate Fee") of $75 per approved player on your official NCS Roster. The rostered player fee covers anybody traveling with the team; parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. The rostered player fee is required for all registered players playing in the KC&BO VFG Sports Performance National Championship, regardless of number of games played, etc. The Tournament Directors and the Site Directors, will be checking rosters daily at all locations. All Rostered Player Fees must be paid prior to the start of the tournament (at Coaches Check-In), and any failure to do so will result in (i) the unpaid player(s) being removed from the tournament, (ii) the current/upcoming game being forfeited, and (iii) the coach/manager suspended for the 3 games. A second violation suspends the team from the tournament. The rostered player fee applies to ALL APPROVED ROSTERED PLAYERS. (The only exception is for siblings playing on the SAME team, in which case only one sibling will have to pay the fee.)


Champion and Finalist will receive awards for each Rostered Player listed on the official team roster turned in at Check-In.

2023 Home Run Derby

Special Thanks to D-BAT Lewisville and Wilson, who are sponsoring and hosting the "Home Run Derby" Skills Challenge!!!

The Home Run Derby Skills Challenge will be held at D-Bat Lewisville again this summer. It will be in conjunction with your COACHES CHECK-IN. Teams are allowed one (1) player to participate. See details/rules below:

Winning Players Receive a New Wilson Bat (BAT/MODEL = TBD)
There will be one (1) winning player for each of the eight (8) age groups in the World Series.


  • One (1) player from each Registered Team can compete immediately after their Scheduled Coaches Check-In time. These are SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS that immediately follow the Coaches Check-in appointment, so the (1) participating player must accompany their coach to the Coaches Check-In in order to participate. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE WALK-UPS. {If the Coaches Check-In is scheduled for 8:00 AM, then that teams player participates in the HRD at 8:10 AM}.
  • The competition will be held using the HitTrax System (machine throws pitches, no coach pitchers). Homeruns, and distances of homeruns are automatically calculated and are displayed on the TV's via the HitTrax system. (It's pretty darn cool!!!)
  • Wilson Bats {DeMarini CF Zen or similar bats, TBD} will be available for use if desired by HRD participants. (Participants may also use their own bats, no shaved or illegal bats are allowed.)
  • There are no pre-registrations for the HRD this summer (all other skill challenge events require pre-registration). One (1) player accompanies the coach to the Coaches Check-In, then participates in the HRD immediately following the Coaches Check-In Process. NOTE: Teammates will be allowed to watch and cheer on their team representative in the HRD! AGAIN, NO WALK-UPS, THE DESIGNATED PLAYER MUST ACCOMPANY THEIR COACH/MANAGER TO THE SCHEDULED CHECK-IN TIME.
  • The winning players will be announced during the Opening Ceremonies immediately following the Parade of Teams! 
    1. There will be ONE winner from each age group (8 total winners)
    2. Awards are:
      1. A New Bat from Wilson - (BAT/MODEL = TBD) 
      2. $25 online discount from Wilson for use on their Team Shop website


  1. Globe Life Field (Arlington) will be the featured HitTrax System ball park that all participants will use. This will ensure field dimensions remain consistent player/player through each age group.
  2. A maximum of (5) warm-up swings will be permitted to determine timing and pitching machine settings.
  3. Following warm-ups - participant will be given (7) outs to record as many HR's as they can hit. An "out" will be defined as any batted ball that does not result in a HR as registered by the HitTrax unit. A "swing and miss" from the machine is not a batted ball and will not be treated as an out. All other "contact" (i.e., foul ball, foul tip, ground ball, fly ball, etc.) that does not result in a HR is an out.
  4. Once all (7) outs have been recorded, the Max Distance of any 1 swing recorded by the HitTrax unit will be documented and used as necessary for Tie Breaker purposes.


  • 7U - use 8U Field (w/ boost set to 3)
  • 8U - use 8U Field (w/ boost set to 2)
  • 9U - use 10U Field (boost set to 2)
  • 10U - use 10U Field (w/ boost set to 1)
  • 11U - use 12U Field (w/ boost set to 2)
  • 12U - use 12U field (w/ boost set to 1)
  • 13U - use 13U field (w/ boost set to 2)
  • 14U - use 13U field (w/ boost set to 1)

2023 Coaches Meeting

The Coaches Meeting will be held In-Person again this Summer

Coaches Meeting Details:
The Mandatory Coaches Meeting will be held at:
LOCATION: Ben E. Harmon High School. (located adjacent to Bakersfield Park, and also known as LHS Harmon).
ADDRESS: 1250 W Round Grove Rd, Lewisville, TX 75067.
USE THE ENTRANCE OFF DUNCAN LANE, and the meeting will be in the MAIN CAFETERIA.
TME: 5:30 PM

Coaches Meeting Information

Week One: Saturday 6/10/23: Following the Opening Ceremonies/Parade of Teams  (we are planning for a 45 minute meeting max)
Week Two: Saturday 6/17/23: Following the Opening Ceremonies/Parade of Teams  (we are planning for a 45 minute meeting max)

Meeting Agenda:

  • Welcome & Roll Call
  • Introduction of Tournament Officials
  • Tournament Overview & Review of Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Tournament Rules Review & UIC Comments
  • Review of Random Roster Check Protocol
  • Closing Remarks

Game Balls:

All teams must supply two new game balls per game. Any "quality" brand is fine (Wilson, Rawlings, Diamond, etc.). Wilson is the Official Game Ball of the World Series. Teams will supplement new game balls during the game with quality game ready baseballs.


KC&BO has a Zero Tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior. Fans, parents, players or coaches will be ejected for such behavior towards a tournament official, or umpire or towards another team or within teams, etc.. Any FAN OR PARENT ejected must immediately leave the facility & is ejected for the full tournament. There is no ejected today, come back tomorrow. Coach Ejections are “ONE + THREE” (active game, PLUS three additional games). Behave and it's not a problem. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the behavior the ejected person may be subject to a permanent ban. Good Sportsmanship is critical, and is especially needed in today's youth sports environment. Remember these are GAMES played by CHILDRENKEEP CALM & BASEBALL ON!


Each Head Coach is responsible for the sportsmanship of his entire team, both players and parents and also his assistant coaches (and fans). Please always make sure to demonstrate GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP so that these young athletes see a good example presented to them. KEEP CALM & BASEBALL ON!


Please remember, only Head Coaches interact with the umpires regarding questions, appeals, rules challenges, etc. (The two Head Coaches and the two Umpires only, no assistant coaches.) Assistant coaches must refrain from this and allow the Head Coach and the Umpire to work through any issues that may ariseKEEP CALM & BASEBALL ON!


6101 Long Prairie Rd. #744 PMB 164 
Flower Mound, Texas 75028

Phone: 972-955-7328
Email: [email protected]