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Date: January 22nd, 2021


Pursuant to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order and with support and approval from the Town of Flower Mound. (Social Distancing for spectators will still be recommended; see details belowMask wearing, where social distancing isn’t possible, for spectators, is also recommended under the Governors Executive Order from early July '20His Executive Order on mask wearing includes too and from the parking lot and in open spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained.)



2.      PARENTS AND FANS (SPECTATORS). Each field will have designated areas where Parents and Fans, are restricted from entering. Parents and fans are recommended to ensure social distancing is maintained. (Family units may sit together.)

a.      NO PARENTS OR FANS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE ANY WARM-UP AREA, DUGOUT, OR ON THE FIELD OF PLAY.  These areas are restricted to Coaches/Umpires and Players only.

b.      There will be NO grouping of the team outside of the field of play for typical “post-practice/game” meetings, or shared snacks, etc.

c.      Teams are strongly encouraged to leave immediately after their practice and/or immediately after the sportsmanship greeting has concluded at the end of game play. This allows for the next teams to have ease of access and ample warm-up time on the field.

d.      Signs will be posted reminding Parents and Fans of Social Distancing/Mask Wearing recommendations.

e.      Parents should supervise and facilitate the arrival and departure of their player. If the parent or parents remain to watch the practice/game, they are asked to practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart and spread out in the common area around the outside of the ballfield. Bleachers may be used pursuant to suggested social distancing guidelines. (A family unit may sit together.) Mask wearing is recommended where social distancing (remaining 6’ from non-family members) can’t be maintained.

f.       Siblings should NOT be brought to the ballfields if it can be avoided. We realize there are a lot of single parent homes and that this is not possible for many. If you need to bring a sibling with you, please feel free to do so; just make sure they stay with you, under your control and ensure they practice the same social distancing as recommended that all spectators follow. If staying at the ballfields, please ensure social distancing recommendations are followed. NO BIKES, SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES, SCOOTERS, etc. for siblings to use. Siblings must stay with the family unit and follow the social distancing recommendations at this time.

3.      PRACTICES.

a.      Only players and coaches allowed to enter the field/dugouts.

b.      It is recommended by the Governors Executive Order from early July to wear a face covering from the parking lot to the ballfield entrance. Once inside the ballfield, the face covering can be removed.

c.      Parents, see details provided above in section “2” regarding guidelines to follow.

4.      GAME PLAY.

a.      Home Plate Meeting. It shall consist of the umpire(s) and the head coach (1) from each team.

b.      Coaches. Max of 4 coaches per team.

                                                    i.     Offense: Normal Base Coach Positions, one (1) at 1B and one (1) at 3B.  Two (2) additional coaches allowed outside the dugout.

c.      Umpires.

                                                    i.     Recreational Game Play: One (1) umpire for 7U & 8U. Two (2) umpires for 9U and up. Umpires will be in their normal positions on the field of play.

                                                   ii.     Interlock, TEBA, Tournament Game Play: Two (2) umpires for all ages. Umpires will be in their normal positions on the field of  play.

d.      Rules. Normal baseball rules apply. FMYSA uses NFHS rules and has modified rules for recreational play.

e.      Protest/Appeals. Any rules protest or appeals request must be made by first seeking time out from the umpire and using the recommended social distancing guidelines. Any protest or appeal MUST be handled in a calm professional manner and must follow league or tournament rule guidelinesThis is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Coaches that cannot abide by this protocol will be immediately ejected and asked to leave the ballpark and are subject to league rules regarding ejections.

f.       No Post Game Handshake/High Fives between teams. Instead players and coaches will line up “Outside their perspective dugouts to extend their good sportsmanship greetings to each other. (A coordinated tip of the hat is recommended.)

g.      Teams need to leave immediately after game play/sportsmanship greeting has been completed. This requirement is made to ensure all teams have adequate warm-up time and to avoid potential clustering.

h.      Game Start Times. Games will be scheduled with a 30-minute break to allow for teams to exit and enter dugout areas without potential clustering, and to allow for adequate pre-game warm-ups.

i.       Teams Arriving for Games. Teams arriving must wait just outside of the designated dugout areas, or in the designated Warm-Up Areas.

j.       Pre-Game Warm-UpsZero pre-game warm-ups may take place in the designated common areas. Warm-ups are RESTRICTED to: 1) Designated Warm-Up Areas, 2) On the Game Field (outfield only).

k.      Dugouts. USE OF DUGOUTS FOR GAME PLAY. Teams are permitted to use the dugout.

5.      DUGOUT CLEANLINESS. Teams are required to clean their dugout PRIOR to departing after their practice/game.

6.      WATER. Coaches and Players are responsible for their own water/PowerAde, Gatorade, etc.


a.      FMYSA Staff will self-monitor per CDC guidelines.

b.      Umpires self-monitor per CDC guidelines.


a.      Coaches shall monitor their teams and request that ALL PARENTS/FANS self-monitor pursuant to CDC guidelines.

b.      Parents/Fans shall self-monitor pursuant to CDC guidelines.

c.      We encourage parents, players and coaches to practice good personal hygiene.

d.      We also encourage you to bring and use your own hand-sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.

9.     QUARANTINE GUIDELINES.  If a player or coach is quarantined that quarantine is also applicable to FMYSA activities.

The following notifications MUST be made:

a. If a player is quarantined, the parent must email the Head Coach regarding the quarantine of the player. An email must also be sent to [email protected]. (Only the head coach and appropriate FMYSA leadership will be notified.)

b. If a coach is quarantined, the coach must email [email protected] regarding the quarantine.

c. FMYSA will respond to each quarantine notification.

10.    FMYSA will monitor game play protocol.

11.   THANK YOU! We are doing all we can to SAFELY PROVIDE BASEBALL this fall for our FMYSA teams (Players, Coaches and Parents/Fans) because we believe that these activities are important for the children we serveWe also believe and trust that our coaches, players and parents/fans will not attend if sick and will abide by CDC Guidelines and the Governors Executive Orders, and will also abide by the additional safety protocol and social distancing/mask wearing recommendations as set forth in this document.

FMYSA has been working diligently with the TOFM, our Parks Department and TOFM Government, Denton County, our State Representative Tan Parker & the Governors Office to do everything possible to provide a SAFE RETURN for Game Play and your cooperation is paramount to the success of this season.

Best regards,

Tracy G. Black
General Manager, Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

Jeff Nelson
President, Flower Mound Youth Sports Association


7/3/2020: Coaches,
As I am sure you know by now..the Governor of Texas issued an executive order today mandating the wearing of face coverings/masks in public. The good news is we are able to still play baseball and softball with just a few new rules. We ask that you share this information to your parents and ask that they share with whomever will be attending the games. Face coverings/masks are to be worn at all times..including walking into the Ballpark, going to the bathroom etc.. At all times..
Players, Coaches and Umpires will not have to wear face coverings/masks while in the field of play, (between the fences). As soon as they leave the field of play, they will be required to have a face covering/mask on. Please continue to practice Social Distancing.
The "Return to Play Safe Protocols" that were already sent to you still apply as well..just with the addition of mandated face covering/masks.
Jeff Nelson
FMYSA President

Roster Management Spreadsheets

Simple Roster Spreadsheets allow you to add all players and it will create lineups by auto-rotating players through variuous positions. These are primarily used for the younger age groups prior to specializing at any specific position. Thanks to Rick Kenyon for creating these spreadsheets and sharing them for everyone to use.

Advanced Roster Spreadsheets allow you to track every inning played by your players in each position including the bench and provides you with statistics for what percentage of time a players has played in the infield, outfield, and on the bench throughout the season. It also allows you to track defensive statistics and for 9U and up, you can track pitching statistics. They will also alert you when you have left a player out of the lineup or have a player in the lineup twice in the same inning. You can also track player-of-the-game awards, etc.

These were created by Victor Havared and are highly modified versions of the simple lineup sheets above. The different versions for the different age groups take into account the number of players allowed on the field at any given time.


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