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AAYBA Opening Day Volunteers

RATTLER TEAMS WE NEED YOU!!  This summer our sign up for volunteers looks a bit different.  We are asking full teams to take responsibility for each activity.  We will have Coach / Team Manager as well as homerun derby off site at D-Bat of Lewisville.  

To sign up please go HERE

About FMYSA Select Baseball

The Flower Mound area is known nationally for highly competitive, top-ranked high school and youth baseball programs. At the heart of the learning process is FMYSA's Select Baseball Program (known as the TEXAS RATTLERS), which fields teams in age groups 7U through HS. FMYSA Texas Rattlers select baseball levels of play are outlined as follows:

AA Division
: Beginner to experienced select teams with restricted rosters and tryouts to permit more competitive play, generally playing local or regional tournaments

AAA Division
: More experienced teams playing at a higher skill level with restrictive rosters. Can involve travel to state or regional tournaments

Major Division
: Most competitive teams with highly restricted rosters, often competing against other top teams in the region with travel to regional and national tournaments.

Texas Rattlers select teams are well known throughout the area and region and regularly place in tournaments. The teams practice at Town of Flower Mound parks and most teams play a league schedule through the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA) with at least half of that schedule played in Flower Mound.

While our coaches have autonomy between the fences, they are required to maintain certification by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), pass a criminal background check, and agree to abide by the FMYSA Select Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to ensure fair playing time, offer an affordable fee structure and open book policy to team finances, develop a select "brand" of teams, and to continue offering the quality facilities and fine coaching for which we have become known.



Please contact the coach for the age group listed below for more information or send e-mail to [email protected]

8UContact Coach for Details  
contact: David Zappasodi | 817-707-1349
9UContact Coach for Details  
contact: David Ward | 817-851-4209
10UContact Coach for details  
contact: Blake Bradley | 214-663-5893
11UContact Coach for Details  
contact: Craig Brown | 614-561-2669
12UContact Coach for details  
contact: Bobby Bauman | 214-289-8209
13UContact Coach for Details  
contact: Jason Wylie | 469-853-3146
14UContact Coach for details  
contact: Scott Bryson | 440-785-3861
HSContact Coach for details
Contact: Jeff Nelson | 972-971-7075

Rattlers Trophy Case

 9/12 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle 13U2nd USSSA tournament The Boys of Fall
  9/12Texas Ratters - Westdyk 13U2ndBaseball Nation 2021 Down and Dirty One-Day Event 
 8/29 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle 13U2ndNCS 2nd Annual Sluggers Special O.U.R Special 
 6/27 Texas Rattlers - Ward 8U 1stPPS Summer Daze
  6/27Texas Rattlers - Wylie 12U1stMavs Ballpark World Series
 6/24 Texas Rattlers - Bradley 9U 1st Platinum Division AAYBS 
  6/24Texas Rattlers - Cordell  9U1stDiamond Division AAYBA
  6/18Texas Rattlers - Wylie12U 2nd Red Division
Time Traveler Tournament 
  6/17Texas Rattlers - Callison10U 1stDiamond Division
AAYBA World Series
 6/15 Texas Rattlers - Bauman 11U1stNCS Southwest Championship
 5/30 Texas Rattlers - Alejandro 11U 2ndNCS Memorial Day Classic
 5/24 Texas Rattlers - Bradley10U 1stHome Town Throw Down
 5/24 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle12U 1stUSSSA Blow Out Classic 
 4/25 Texas Rattlers - Wylie12U 2nd NCS Texas Open 
  4/25Texas Rattlers - Bradley 9U1stTSB Texas Open Series
  4/18Texas Rattlers - Bradley9U  1stRocker B Spring Elite 
  4/18 Texas Rattlers - Ward8U2ndUSSSA Elevate & Celebrate  
  4/18Texas Rattlers - Bauman 11U 2ndRocker B Spring Elite
  4/4Texas Rattlers - Crockett14U 2ndBaseball Nation Hunt for Eggcellence  
 4/4 Texas Rattlers - Westdyk12U1stBaseball Nation Hunt for Eggcellence 
 4/4 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle12U2ndBaseball Nation Hunt for Eggcellence
  3/27Texas Ratters - Bradley9U 2nd 9u Majors Super NIT
  3/27Texas Rattlers - Wylie  12U2nd PPS Triples Only Tournament 
 3/21 Texas Rattlers - Luttenegger 12U1stCoppell Baseball Classic
 3/7 Texas Rattlers - Westdyk12U2ndTriple Crown - D3 Platinum Division
 3/7  Texas Rattlers - Wylie12U 1st Triple Crown  Sports Season Opener - Gold Division
 3/7 Texas Rattlers - Bauman12U2ndTCS Texas Season Opener 
 3/7 Texas Rattlers - Luttenegger 12U1stPPS Jackie Robinson Classic
 3/7 Texas Rattlers - Harrolle 12U1stUSSSA Spring Break at the Ballpark
 3/7 Texas Rattlers - Bradley 9U 1stTriple Crown Texas Season Opener
  11/1Texas Rattlers - Ward8U 1stTSB Halloween Classic
  11/1 Texas Rattlers - Channell13U2ndTSB Halloween Classic
  10/25Texas Rattlers - Wylie12U2ndKeep Calm & Baseball On
  10/25Texas Rattlers - Bradley9U1stKeep Calm & Baseball On
  10/25Texas Rattlers - Harrolle12U2ndUSSSA Haunt the Park
 10/18 Texas Rattlers - Fisher11U2ndPAC Sports Gene Campbell Fall Memorial
  10/10Texas Rattlers - Fisher11U1stTriple Crown Fall Championship
 10/10 Texas Rattlers - Bradley9U1stTriple Crown Fall Championship
 10/4 Texas Rattlers - Lokey13U2ndNCS Men Wear Pink
  10/4Texas Rattlers - del Muro11U1st NCS Battle on 121
  10/4Texas Rattlers -Ford10U1stNCS Men Wear Pink
 7/12 Texas Ratters - Fisher10U2ndIron Jacket VII 
  7/12Texas Rattlers - Channell 12U1st USSSA Beat the Heat
  7/9Texas Rattlers - Bradley8U2ndTSB Summer Slam
  6/27Texas Rattlers - Wylie11U2ndSuns Out Guns Out
  6/27Texas Rattlers - Bradley8U1stAAYBA - Platinum Division
  6/19Texas Rattlers - Westdyk11U1stAAYBA - Silver Division
 6/19 Texas Rattlers -Ford9U1stAAYBA - Bronze Division
  6/14Texas Rattlers - Channell12U1stTSB/NCS Texas North Zone State
6/7Texas Rattlers - Bradley8U1stDab it Up
 3/8 Texas Rattlers - Bradley8U2ndTriple Crown Season Opener
3/7Texas Rattlers - Ward7U2ndTriple Crown Season Opener
 2/23  Texas Rattlers - Channell12U2nd TSB/NCS Season Opener 

Select Baseball Guidelines

Select Coaching Applications

Any person interested in a select baseball head coaching position shall submit an application prior to the deadline for the upcoming season: June 1 for the Fall season and October 15th for the Spring season.

Fall 2021 Teams

 AA David Zappasodi 817-707-1349
AADavid Ward817-851-4209
AAChris Coots 254-979-5143
MajorBlake Bradley214-663-5893
AABrian Cordell469-442-6599
AA  Jason Wylie 469-853-3146
MajorCraig Brown614-561-2669
AAABentley Ford817-991-2373
 AAGreg Callison817-913-7679
AAABobby Bauman214-289-8209
 AATony del Muro972-342-2576
AA Chris DeRuyscher816-679-9026
AAHector Alejandro219-405-0936
AAAJason Wylie469-853-3146
AABrent Harrolle214-207-1726
AAKevin Westdyk972-989-4708
AAMatt Luttenegger214-243-8900
MajorMike Channell940-230-5517
AAScott Bryson440-785-3861
AADennis Lokey214-679-0280
 AA Victor Havard214-505-6093
ALLJeff Nelson972-971-7075

Proudly supporting our HS teams

Rattler Trophy Vault


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