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Tips for All-Star Coaches

Posted May 2, 2018

The All-Star Season

First and foremost, all-star teams are chosen prior to completion of the regular season and Town Championship Tournament. No all-star activities can interfere with any regular season activities including the tournament.

Every year, representatives from the area baseball associations meet to create an all-star tournament schedule such that tournements being hosted by the various associations do not conflict. Once this schedule is finalized, the FMYSA VP of Recreational Baseball will send out an email to all-star coaches with the dates of the various tournaments. If you did not get this email you can request the information from the VP of Recreational Baseball at [email protected].

Tournaments will normally begin the last week in May and go through most of June and the season ends with the AAYBA World Series.

The tournaments that are normally held in this area are normally: Flower Mound and Highland Village combined (FMYSA/HVABSA), Southlake and Colleyville combined, Coppell, Grapevine, and Trophy Club/Roanoke (TCR).

It is best not to wait too late to register for these tournaments. When the division fills up they will not accept additional registrations and if you wait too long you could miss the opportunity to play in that tournament.

To register for these tournaments, you will need to find the hosting association's registration page. In this area, google is your friend. Most times, you can find information about the all-star tournemants from the association's main web site. For your reference, as of the time of this writing, area association's pages can be found at:

FMYSA/HVABSA: click the tournaments tab and click on the All-Star menu item. click the registration tab and look for the All-Star menu item

Grapevine (GBSA): Select the All-Star tournament tab

Coppell: Tournament schedule Tournament registration

Colleyville: Tournament info and registration.


AAYBA is a special tournament that is held every year in and around Flower Mound. Recently, AAYBA began allowing All-Star teams to participate in this tournent. It is a great experience for the players, but can carry a much higher financial cost. Registration fees are $900/team, there is an additional gate fee, and players normally purchase pins which they exchange with other teams who participate as well as other gear. This should be considered when choosing whether or not to pariticpate in this tournament.

AAYBA uses a unique "Drop Down" format where teams are ranked based on pool play and are placed in different divisions so that they are competitive within their division. So, even if a team is badly beaten in the pool rounds, they can still be competitive in bracket play.

For more information about AAYBA see the FMYSA website under the AAYBA tab and

Tips for All-Star Tournament Play

In All-Star tournament play, seeding doesn't mean much other than the #1 seed may get a first round bye depending on the number of teams in the bracket. It is not uncommon for coaches to keep their ace pitchers out of the game until bracket play. Most times the #1 seed does not win the tournament and unless there is a first round bye, most times there is no benefit in expending your best pitchers to try to get a higher seed. Sometimes, the higher the seed the better the schedule in bracket play (e.g. the lowest seed may get the 9am slot on Sunday). There can be a bit of gamesmanship going on to get the seed with the bracket schedule you would like. Many times a coach would like to get weaker players game time on the mound or in the infield in these pool games and reserve their best batting lineups and defensive positions for bracket play. This is a great way to ensure all players get good playing time while still maximizing your chances to win in bracket play.

Make sure you closely read the rules for each tournament. All tournaments will have some different rules based on the priorities of the association or to try to make an individual tournament unique. For instance, in the FMYSA/HVABSA tournament, there are no run limits per inning, but mercy rules are in effect, such as 20 run lead after 1 inning of play. For the older age groups there can be limitations on the drop level of the bats which can be used. At the younger levels, dropped third strike may be in affect in some tournaments and not in others. It is important to read the rules in the tournaments in which you will participate so you can practice anything that is not normal for your rec league prior to the start of the tournament season. Once you start playing tournaments, it's hard to get in many practices.

It is a good idea to decide in which tournaments you will play very early and get parents to pay for the entire season. Otherwise, you must pay for them when you register and if you don't get payment from parents you could find yourself involuntarily funding scholarships to play.


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