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FMYSA Select Softball

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Thank you for your interest in having your daughter play on a "select" softball team sanctioned by FMYSA. Should you choose to try out, the commitment should not be taken lightly. This is a serious commitment of time, energy, and money for the selected players/parents. Most select teams begin practice in January, play games from February through November, play 40-80 games, play numerous tournaments both locally and remotely to include other states, play tournaments that start on Thursday evenings and may end on Monday evenings (including Sunday morning and evenings).

The number of teams FMYSA has chosen to "sanction" was based on a number of things to include the following:

  1. Quality of the coaches requesting a teams
  2. Current number of "sanctioned" select coaches in that age group
  3. Field space availability
  4. General parental/player interest, etc.

The timeline for the selection process and the method that these teams will be formed will be left to the individual head coaches. All selections must be complete by Feb 10th. This will allow those not making one of the FMYSA Sanctioned Select Teams to still have time to register for our Spring Recreation program.

Select softball is NOT an equal play program. It is a place for those who choose to play a higher level of softball. For the most part, the best players will consume the majority of the repetitions. That being said, we do encourage all coaches to provide a memorable experience and attempt to "service" each player with quality game time experience.

Should you have further interest, please contact the coach for times and locations for their tryouts.

FMYSA Select Teams
Glory Adkins
8U Glory Adkins House David House 214-502-4322
10U Glory Adkins Slayton Doyle Slayton 214-908-2164
12U Glory Adkins Fultz Jack Fultz 214-557-7722
14U Glory Adkins Flower Mound Matt Jordan 214-516-9280
14U Glory Adkins Gold 03 Mike Lefner 972-821-1742
14U Glory Adkins Munger Aaron Munger 828-850-4669
14U Glory Adkins Lonestar Mike Lee 214-704-2950
16U Glory Adkins Brooks Larry Brooks 972-795-2238
16U Glory Adkins Futures Richard Wines 972-537-7333
16U Glory Adkins Gold Jack Fultz 214-557-7722
18U Glory Adkins Gold Keith Allen 214-876-0724


10U Dallas Tigers Jones Shane Jones 214-789-0672
16U Dallas Tigers Hernandez Fred Hernandez 817-707-9428
18U Gold Dallas Tigers Sara Hurst 830-734-2779

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.