Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

Coach's Checklist

With the start of each season, there are a number of items that must completed by each head coach. Please ensure these are completed in a timely manner. Should you have any questions, please contact your Age Group Director.

Regardless if you are interested in becoming a coach or you are a returning coach

  • Complete the online coach's registration... Here

Once you have been notified that you have been selected as a Head Coach

  • Decide on a team name... Here

  • Submit a Protected Roster... Here

  • Complete and submit Uniform Order Form... Coming Soon

  • Complete the Pre-Lottery Practice Field Selection form... Here

Once teams have been formed and a roster has been sent to you by the Age Group Director

  • Contact parents within 24 hours
  • Attend the FMYSA Coaches Meeting. This is where you will receive your practice times/locations.

  • Notify parents of practice times

  • Begin practices no sooner than allowed by the town and FMYSA

  • Have each of your assistant coaches complete the online coach's registration... Here

  • Attend the Interlock Coaches Meeting. This is where rules for each age group will be discussed.


  • Know the rules! The Mid Cities Interlock follows the IFA/VTD rulebook with certain exceptions that overrule the IFA/VTD rulebook.
    • FMYSA-specific Rules... Here
    • Mid Cities Interlock Rules... Here
    • IFA/VTD Rulebook... Here

  • Remain in contact with the parents. Communication is critical. Give parents as much notice as possible to schedule changes.
  • Plan your practices before you get to the field. Practice time is very limited. Utilize 2-3 stations at a time and rotate the girls after about 15 minutes. Focus on developing skills. You will need to get your assistant coaches involved.
  • Ask for help. If you need more on-field help, ask a parent to come shag balls or act as a baserunner.
  • Ask for help from your age group director. Having trouble organizing a practice? Having trouble with a parent? Can't get enough parent participation? Ask for help.