Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

Premier Coaches Application

Any person interested in a Premier baseball head coaching position shall submit an application prior to the deadline for the upcoming season:

June 15th for the fall season

CLICK HERE for Premier Coaching Application

Premier League Tryouts

Please note we are MOVING the Premier tryouts to Thursday, November 15th.

If you're looking for a more competitive league for your rec player, please bring them out for our FMYSA Premier League tryout - November 15th.

Location and time information can be found on the registration page here.

For more information, please visit: or contact

Announcing the 2018 Premier Teams

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Premier Baseball Players!

7U - Doug Reinscheld 9U Navy - Mark Wood
A. Sacks C. Wood
C. Reinscheld J. Shults
C. Kolb C. Sadler
J. Sienkiewicz E. Elias
K. James G. Burel
N. Potter J. Gonzalez
S. Chance K. Jackson
S. Cushman M. Larsen
R. Wiseman
S. Lando-Haessig
W. Morrison
8U Bentley Ford 10U - Kevin Westdyk
B. Friedman A. Vargas
B. Ford B. Redeker
B. Ford B. Swalec
C. Messina C. Westdyk
C. Spurlock H. Maclin
D. Simpson J. Perry
G. Donohue J. Norris
M. Marenic K. Rangel
O. Kempf M. Laskowski
P. Callison N. Enriquez
P. Barhisel S. Dettweiler
S. Tinsley
9U Red - Tony del Muro
B. Frigillana
D. Spencer
E. Strittmatter
G. Mallory
K. Chance
N. del Muro
O. Reinscheld
Q. Hunt
R. Thorsheim
S. McCollough
W. LeJune
Shout Outs!
Shout out to the 10U Premier - Reinscheld team for not only finishing the Premier Interlock Season in 1st place, but going on to win the End of Season Championship on Saturday! Congrats on a great season boys!!!
Premier Baseball Guidelines

FMYSA Premier Baseball provides a higher level of play for more advanced recreational players.  FMYSA Premier Baseball is a recreational baseball program that includes interlock league play with surrounding towns and cities.  This includes additional tournaments both during and after the end of the recreational baseball season.  

Playing on a premier team may incur a nominal additional cost to cover the cost of uniform items and tournament entry fees.

Prior to each season, all registered players who are not on a protected roster undergo a skills evaluation.  Players interested in playing on a premier team must try out each season.  There are no protected rosters for premier teams.  Players who try out for a premier team may also be on a recreational team's protected roster and in the event the player does not make a premier team they can revert back to that team's protected roster.

The premier team will be chosen based on the individual player's ranking from the skills evaluation.

Skills will be assessed by an experienced coach with no interest in the outcome of the evaluation (a select coach or recreational coach in a different age group).

The top 10 players from the skills assessment who are interested in playing premier level baseball will form the first premier team for each age group.  The coach for that team must have a child within the top 15 players.  If that coach's player is not in the top 10, the coach's child will make the 11th player and the coach will be allowed to choose one additional player from the next top 5 players on the list.  If the coach's child is in the top 10 then the coach can choose both of the last two players to complete the team's roster from the next 5 players on the list.

If there are enough players of an appropriate skill level to form a second team, the team selection process for the second team will be exactly like choosing the first team utilizing the next 15 top players on the list.

Any players who do not make a premier team and are not on a protected roster will go into a player draft to be drafted to a team in a coach's draft to be held shortly after the skills evaluation.

No players will be allowed to play on a premier team without participating in the skills evaluation.  There will be no exceptions.  All players participating in the skills evaluation must be registered with FMYSA as a recreational baseball player in the current season.

Anyone interested in coaching a premier team must be an experienced coach and must submit an application for each season in which they would like to coach.  The choice of who will coach each premier team will be selected by the premier director and VP of recreational baseball.  The premier coach must have a child with the appropriate skill level to play on the coach's team.