Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

6U Rules
  • All players should assume a defensive position on the field. Teams are allowed 1 pitcher and 1 catcher. The child-pitcher must position themselves on either the right or left side of the 38' pitching rubber and be no more than 3' from the rubber. Teams are allowed to have up to four infielders in addition to the pitcher and catcher. The remainder of the defensive players should be spread throughout the outfield at least 15 feet behind the baseline.

  • EVERY player is required to play a full inning in the infield (1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, Pitcher, or Catcher) by the end of the third inning and no player shall remain in the same infield position for more than two innings. Coaches will ensure each player spends as much time in the infield as the outfield over the course of a season.

  • A batter shall bat until he has received a maximum of six pitches, or three swinging strikes, or he hits the ball. If the batter fouls off the 6th (or last) pitch, or fouls the 3rd strike, the batter shall remain at bat. The batter is not out by fouling off his final pitch. A 3rd strike foul tip caught by the catcher, or any foul pop-up caught by a defensive player, will remain an out.

  • Coach pitchers should bring a minimum of 2 baseballs to the mound to speed up play.

  • In addition to the normal ways in which a batter/runner may be put out, the following rule will apply with respect to force plays at any base. A runner will be declared out by the umpire if the runner is being forced to the involved base and:
    • The fielder is in contact with the base, and
    • The ball makes contact with the fielder's glove or body, prior to the runner touching the base. The fielder does not need to catch the ball.

  • In the 6U FALL season, runners can advance only one base on any hit; runners cannot advance on overthrows. In the 6U SPRING season, when a ball is hit into the outfield and has not been fielded when the runner reaches the next base, the runner may take one additional base at their own risk. Runners are still not permitted to advance on overthrows, and may not start toward the next base if a fielder has control of the ball.

  • The umpire will declare the play over when a defensive player has retrieved the ball and all runners have ceased advancing to the next base.

  • Up to three defensive coaches are allowed on the field. The coaches must place themselves behind their outfielders and shall not physically interfere with play.

  • In an effort to speed up play, the defensive team will place someone (a coach or other person 12 years or older) at the backstop to retrieve pitched balls and return them to the pitcher. No coaching or communication can be made from this position.