Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

5U Rules
  • 5U Rules

    • 5U is a Developmental Baseball League designed specifically for Skill Development, Skill Mastery and Enjoyment of the players. The purpose of the 5U Rules are to support DEVELOPMENT for players to master basic skills that will help them learn how to correctly and successfully play baseball and help develop a long lasting Love for the Greatest Game.
    • A Skill Mastery Program has been established by the League.
    • Practice Plans will be provided by the League.
    • During each PRACTICE event, there will be THREE PHASES.
      • PHASE 1: Mobility Warm Up and Throwing and Receiving Skill Development drills worked by all players, with focus on proper warm up (functional movement skills), fundamentals of throwing and receiving the baseball. This is a critical part of each session as it develops athleticism, rhythm and timing. As many reps as possible during the allotted time. Phase 1 repeats at all team events.
      • PHASE 2: Skill Development - focus on very specific skill development and skill mastery. As many reps as possible during the allotted time. Skills change weekly and many are repeated.
      • PHASE 3: Competitive Game Situations, 6 vs 6 working on the specific skills that were introduced during Phase 2. Coaches will establish game situations and players will compete 6 vs 6 and get as many reps as possible in the allotted time in a competitive environment with points being awarded.
    • Coaches must adhere to the curriculum (practice plans) provided by our Skill Development Team (which is comprised of four local high school coaches and FMYSA's Skill Mastery and Skill Development team).


    • All players should assume a defensive position on the field. Teams are allowed 1 pitcher and 1 catcher. Teams with 12 players are allowed 6 infielders (traditional placement). Teams with 13-14 players are allowed a 7th infielder (stationed in front of 2nd base, behind the pitcher). The child-pitcher must position themselves on either the right or left side of the 38' pitching rubber and be no more than 3' from the rubber (floating pitching distance, but child-pitcher should remain 38' feet away {no closer than 38'}).
    • Each team will bat the lineup twice, playing two full innings in the allotted 55 minute time limit. All players must play at least one inning of infield per game. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players through ALL POSITIONS. Coaches are also encouraged to rotate players through the batting lineup. Coaches are to have their players ready to play and "between inning time" should be kept to a minimum.
    • Each batter may receive up to FOUR thrown pitches to hit the ball. After that, each batter may make 2 attempts from a tee. This is OPTIONAL, the coach may choose instead a TOTAL of SIX THROWN PITCHES. Strikeouts are recorded after the 6th
      • Coach Pitchers should bring a minimum of 2 baseballs to the pitching area.
      • To speed up play, teams may place someone (12 years or older) behind the catcher to retrieve pitched balls and return them to the pitcher.
    • 5U is played as station to station baseball, meaning runners may only advance one base at a time. Runners may not advance on overthrows, etc.
      • The only deviation to this rule is that the last batter of each ½ inning hits a HOME RUN and all baserunners advance to home plate.
    • Outs are recorded, but the runner may stay on base. In addition to the normal ways in which a batter/runner may be put out, the following rule will apply with respect to force plays at any base.
      • The Fielder is in contact with the base, and
      • The Baseball contacts the fielder's glove, prior to the runner touching the base.
        • Again, an out is recorded, but the runner remains on the base.
      • Parents, Coaches & Players are ALWAYS asked to remain positive. These are very small kids playing a game. We want them to develop and master the basic skills and have FUN doing it, so they also develop a love for the Greatest Game!