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    Posted Sep 13, 2018

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    2018 11th Annual Wood Bat Costume Classic

    11th Annual Costume Classic
    Wood Bat Tournament
    Sponsored by D-BAT Lewisville

    10/26/18 - 10/28/2018

    Thursday, October 18th by 8:00 PM

    Friday, October 19th by 5:00 PM.

    Some ages/divisions are already FULL and CLOSED. Registration Deadline is Thursday 10/18 for ages/divisions that are still open.

    Ages: 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, High School
    Levels: AA, AAA, Major (High School = Open)

    Tournament Entry Fees
    07U - 08U: $400
    09U - 10U: $425

    11U - 12U: $450
    13U - 14U: $475
    High School: $500

    Gate Fee: No Gate Fee!

    Tournament Notes:
    Each team receives two FREE wood bats!

    Tournament Rules:

    Tournament Schedule:

    Who's Coming

    Approved and Pending Teams

    Team Age Group and Category Approval
    Coppell Cowboys 09U AA Approved
    Corinth Crusher 9u 09U AA Approved
    Keller Indians 09U AA Approved
    Southlake Dragons - Cranford 09U AA Approved
    Texas Desperados 9U 09U AA Approved
    Texas Rattlers Fisher 09U AA Approved
    Garland Bombers- Red 09U Major Approved
    TCR Bobcats 9U-Deevers 09U Major Approved
    Texas Rattlers - Bryson 09U Major Approved
    Texas Scrappers | Buesing 09U Major Approved
    Keller Knights 10U Major Approved
    Texas Edge North 10U Major Approved
    Texas Edge Strait 10U Major Approved
    Texas Rattlers - Apollaro 10U Major Approved
    Texas Rattlers Killian (AAA) 10U Major Approved
    Texas Rattlers - King (AAA) 10U Major Approved
    NT Wildcats 11U AA Approved
    Revolution 11U AA Approved
    Texas Rattlers - Roberson 11U AA Approved
    Southlake Dragons - ONeal 11U AAA Approved
    Texas Rattlers - Zappasodi 11U AAA Approved
    Alliance Coyotes 14U AA Approved
    Bartolucci Baseball Club 14u 14U AA Approved
    Coppell Cowboys 14u 14U AA Approved
    GBS Stampede (13U AAA) 14U AA Approved
    Texas Elite (13U AAA) 14U AA Approved
    Texas Rattlers -Daggett 14U AA Approved
    Texas Yankees 14U AA Approved
    Expos High School Pending
    HS Rattlers Nelson 2 High School Pending
    Rattlers Nelson HS High School Pending