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    All Star Teams

    Thank you to all the players that tried out for the 2017 summer all star season. To the right are the teams for each age group and the head coach for each team. Each coach has a copy of the roster with parent contact information and will be reaching out to you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from your coach soon please feel free to reach out to your age group director.

    Good luck to all the teams this summer!

    The All Star Experience

    All Star Tryouts April 19th 5:30 Check-In 6:00 Start BF 1-4 Pavillion

    All Star Tournament Teams participate in a more competitive environment than regular FMYSA recreational league play. These teams begin play after the conclusion of the FMYSA season and generally participate in tournaments in neighboring communities and potentially state and national events. The purpose of this Fact Sheet is to provide more information about the "All Star Tournament Team" process to the parents of all FMYSA participants so you can decide if your child should be considered for the All Star Experience.

    Parent Action Required

    Registration for the 2017 Baseball All-Star season is now open. You can find the registration on the FMYSA Registration webpage or on the FMYSA All-Star Baseball webpage.

    All-Star teams are self-funded, and playing in the All-Star season is a significant commitment of time and money. Parents, please be aware of this prior to registering.

    In addition, please read the following very important information you need to know about the FMYSA 2017 All-Star season.

    1) All-Star baseball is open only to baseball players in age groups 7U - 14U who are registered for and played on a FMYSA recreational baseball team in the 2017 Spring season.

    2) Players who are not registered as a recreational baseball player in the 2017 Spring season are not eligible to play FMYSA All-Star baseball under any circumstances, including in a guest player capacity.

    3) In order to play Summer All-Star baseball, players must participate in the All-Star tryout on April 19th and then be selected to a roster. FMYSA will not sanction any team to play All-Star baseball using the FMYSA name, insurance, and practice fields that did not go through the 2017 Spring All-Star try-out process - this includes players and coaches. There will be no exceptions.

    4) For players that tried out and were not selected, there will be a process for teams to form that are made up exclusively of players that played FMYSA 2017 Spring baseball, tried out via the Spring All-Star try-out and were not selected to an All-Star team. Coaches must be interviewed, and these teams must be approved by FMYSA.

    5) Coaches are selected by the VP of Recreational Baseball and the appropriate Age Group Director(s) following the All-Star try-outs. The selection of the coach will be contingent upon that coach's child being both eligible and of appropriate skill level to play All-Star baseball.

    6) Try-outs will begin promptly at 6:00 PM, and will coincide with the Annual MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run competition. Players are encouraged, but not required, to participate in both. For more information about Pitch, Hit, & Run, please see or

    7) All-Star activities will not conflict with any regular season activities including the Town Championship Tournament.

    8) Every All-Star Try-out participant must print out the All-Star try-out skills evaluation form and bring it with them to the tryouts.

    9) Player selection will be made and announced on the website one week after the tryouts have completed.

    10) There could be up to two All-Star teams formed at each age group depending on the number of players and coaches trying out who have the appropriate skill levels. We will not know how many teams will be formed until tryouts have been completed.

    For any additional questions please contact your age group director or the VP of Recreational Baseball. Contact information for all FMYSA representatives and board members can be found on the FMYSA Contacts webpage.

    Kevin Roberson VP, Recreational Baseball, FMYSA

    All-Star Forms & Registration
    All Star Teams

    Preston B
    Kalen B
    Zac B
    Grady B
    Blake C
    Nicolas DM
    Rafael G
    Justin H
    Quinlan H
    Barrett M
    Tyler M
    Eli Strit.
    Craig Brown

    8U Navy
    Giovanni C
    Jack G
    daniel H
    Tyler K
    Calvin KC
    Cory L
    Phillip N
    Caden P
    Jackson P
    Braden R
    Nick T
    Zachary W
    Ray Carassai

    8U Red
    Chase A
    Davis D
    Julian H
    Mason L
    Hudson M
    Roger M
    Severen M
    Garrett S
    Brody S
    Ryan T
    Cooper W
    Tyler W
    Kevin Westdyk

    9U Navy
    Ethan Arm.
    Gavin B
    Micah C
    Devan D
    Ian H
    Chase L
    Sawyer P
    hunter R
    Michael S
    Griffin S
    Nixon T
    Gene Stewart

    9U Red
    Cole B
    Tyler C
    Siddanth G
    Joshua H
    Casen J
    Cade M
    Grayson M
    Aaron M
    Grant O
    Ryan P
    Logan T
    Jack W
    Jadyn W
    Chris Smeaton

    Logan D
    Jonas E
    Vincent H
    Gavin H
    Davis J
    RJ P
    Boyd P
    Jake R
    Christopher S
    Truman W
    Sam W
    Colton Z
    Jason Redus

    Michael A
    TATE C
    Princeton G
    Ashton H
    Carson K
    Douglas L
    Simon M
    Will P
    Cole S
    Robert S
    Hunter Tor.
    Joseph Torres

    Bryan C
    Brandon C
    Connor E
    Bradley H
    Jared H
    david J
    Ethan K
    McCrae L
    Ethan L
    Preston LM
    Nicholas M
    Kaushal P
    Peyton P
    Matthew S
    Connor V
    Fred Viera