Flower Mound Youth Sports Association


Roster Submission

  • All teams playing in the All Star Tournament shall have to submit an officially sanctioned roster from their home league or association to certify all players as recreational All Stars. No exceptions. Teams without such documentation shall not be allowed to participate.

Pitching Limits

THE FOLLOWING PITCHING LIMITATIONS are in effect. See max innings chart:

Age Division

Max 1 Day to
Pitch Next Day

Max 1 Day

3 Day Max

9U - 12U




13U - 14U




  • Balks will be called, however a warning will be given on the 1st incident in the 9U division only.

    • One warning per new pitcher.

    • As per MLB rule change: It is a balk if the pitcher, while touching his plate, feints a throw to first or third base and fails to complete the throw: Pitchers may still feint a throw to second.

  • One pitch to a batter equals one inning.

  • A second visit to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause the pitcher's automatic removal from the mound (not the game).

  • When a pitcher takes his position at the beginning of each new inning he shall be permitted to pitch a maximum of six (6) warm-up pitches. When in relief of another pitcher, a pitcher is permitted to pitch a maximum of eight (8) warm-up pitches (during which time game play is suspended. Time is not suspended, just game play.)

  • Any pitcher who engages the pitching rubber and throws a warm-up pitch is considered "in the game" and must throw at least one pitch to a batter before being removed.

    • One pitch to a batter equals one inning.

Run Rules

  • All games, including tournament championship games, will be played with a "Run Rule" in effect. The run rule for all games will be as follows:

    • 20 runs after 1 inning

    • 18 runs after 2 innings

    • 15 runs after 3 innings

    • 10 runs after 4 innings

    • 8 runs after 5 innings

  • 6U/7U/8U games only, teams will be limited to seven (7) runs per inning.

    • Mathematical eliminations apply.

Defensive Alignment

  • 6U/7U/8U play with 10 defensive players (6 infielders & 4 outfielders)

    • 6U/7U/8U: Playing with 9 is an automatic out each time the 10th scheduled batter comes to the plate, if only 8 players, then game is forfeited.

Roster Batting

  • Teams MUST bat their entire roster.

  • Teams batting their entire roster have open defensive substitution (pitcher excluded, pitching limit rules apply). A pitcher may only make one appearance per game, but may play other defensive positions.

  • If a player is removed from the lineup due to injury or illness, the lineup will be compressed, and no penalty (out) will be assessed. (Coaches, do NOT abuse this rule.)

  • If a player is removed from the lineup due to ejection, an automatic out shall be declared in that batting order position.

  • 7U & 8U teams must start the game with 10 players. They may play with 9 and take an out when the 10th batter is due up. If falling below 9 players (for any reason) the game shall be forfeited.

  • 9U & Up teams must start the game with 9 players. They may play with 8 and take an out when the 9th batter is due up. If falling below 8 players (for any reason) the game shall be forfeited.

Game Lengths & Times

  • Pool & Bracket games:

    • 6U/7U/8U = 6 innings, or 1hour and 15 minutes

    • 9U/10U = 6 innings, or 1 hour and 30 minutes

    • 11U/12U = 6 innings, or 1 hour and 40 minutes

    • 13U & up = 7 innings, or 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Pool play games may end in a tie*. (See seeding) Run rules apply in all games.

  • Bracket Play - Tie-Breaker: If a game is tied after all innings have been completed (or at time limit), the "California Tie-Breaker" rule will go into effect. Each team puts the batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half of the inning on second base with one out and we play out the inning. This happens until the tie is broken and the game is complete.

  • Championship games: run rules apply, no California Tie-Breaker; there are time limits for Championship games:

    • Regulation Time Limits Apply to Championship Games

  • Tournament Director may invoke a modified tie-breaker format, including in Championship games.

  • Tournament Director may invoke shorter time limits, including on Championship games.

Seeding for Bracket Play

  • Won-Loss (winning percentage value = win/tie/loss)

  • Runs Allowed

  • Runs Scored

  • Coin Toss

    • Please note: "Head to Head" only applies when only two teams are tied that have played each other.


  • Dugouts are first come, first served.


  • Pool Play Games. A "Coin Flip" determines home/visitor.

  • Bracket Play. The Highest Seeded Team is the Home Team.

Rules Protest

  • Any official Rules Protest or Roster Protest shall require a $100 "protest fee". Only the Head Coach may file a protest. If you win the protest, the $100 protest fee is returned.

  • Any official protest must occur at the time of the alleged rules violation.

    • Game clock is stopped and tournament director is called to the field.

  • No protest can be accepted after play has continued.

  • Judgment calls cannot be protested and should not be argued.

Courtesy Runners

  • A team may use a courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher at any time.

  • Teams are strongly encouraged to use a courtesy runner for the catcher when there are two (2) outs in an inning.

  • Courtesy runner shall be the last out (not necessarily the last batted out).

  • The same player may NOT courtesy run for the pitcher and the catcher in the same inning.

6U/7U/8U Only:

  • Pitches per At Bat

    • 6 pitches, strike out within the 6, continuous foul balls on the 6th pitch.

6U Only:

  • Each batter will receive five pitches from a coach. A foul ball (not caught) on the 5th pitch shall not be counted as a swing. The batter will continue to bat on a fifth pitch foul ball until the ball is put into play or the batter swings and misses. After the 5th pitch, the batter will hit from the tee and have a max of two attempts from the tee if unsuccessful on the second swing in putting the ball in fair territory the batter is out.

  • No strikeout rule from the pitcher.

  • Stoppage of Play - the umpire shall declare "TIME" when the following conditions, in his/her mind have been satisfied: the ball is returned to the infield, the ball is in control of an infielder, the lead runner has stopped running, hesitated or broken stride.

  • When batter is hitting from the batting tee, the coach pitcher must stay on pitching rubber until ball is in play (and then remove himself from the play).


  • All ejections are "plus one" meaning the player or coach ejected from a game shall not be eligible to compete or coach in the next scheduled game.

  • Any player ejected shall be asked to leave the playing area immediately (he may sit in the stands, but not the dugout), but is not required to leave the facility unless directed to do so by the Tournament Director.

  • Any coach ejected shall leave the facility immediately and may not return until eligible to coach again (see "plus one" rule). {Same applies to any parent/fan ejected.}

  • "Plus one" eligibility for the player or coach may be reviewed by the Tournament Director with the umpires (after the game is completed). The "plus one" rule may be upheld or suspended at the Tournament Directors discretion.

  • Umpires are to report all ejections (player, coach or fan) to the Tournament Director and indicate ejections on the official scorecard.


  • Umpires will handle unsportsmanlike conduct on the field of play. If an umpire has a problem with a fan or parent outside the field of play, the umpire shall go to the coach/manager of that team and request the coach/manager to handle the problem. If the coach/manager fails to handle the problem, then the umpire will eject the coach/manager from the game; he may also eject the fan or parent if he deems it necessary. Coaches/managers - you are responsible for the sportsmanship and conduct of your players, assistant coaches and parents.

  • The Tournament Director may remove a parent, fan, player, coach/manager from the facility at any time if he observes unsportsmanlike conduct; this includes verbal abuse of umpires.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.


  • Teams supply their own baseballs. Two new game balls per game.

Lead Offs & Dropped 3rd Strikes

  • 9U and above play "loose" bases; leads and steals are allowed.

  • 9U and above play OBR regarding dropped third strikes (the batter is NOT automatically out on a 3rd strike).


No slashing

Metal Cleats

  • Metal cleats may be used by 13U and above only.

  • No metal cleats may be used on any "turf surface" including, Batting Cages, Soft Toss Stations, temporary pitching mounds or bullpen catchers pads.

Bat Rules

  • Updated 2/1/18 - FMYSA will permit the usage of bats that meet USSSA and USA bat standards. Along with these, we will also continue using the BBCOR bats. Please see the following explanation and guidelines for USSSA, USA, and BBCOR bat standards.

USSSA bat standard: USSSA has a formal 1.15 BPF standard for baseball bats used in 14U and below (allowing diameters of up to 2 ¾"). FMYSA will continue to allow the use of these bats in all FMYSA sanctioned events in 14U and below {the maximum length/weight differential for 14U teams/players is -5 for the 1.15 BPF standard; note---USA Bats do not list length/weight differential BBCOR Bats allowed}.

USA bat standard: The new USA baseball bat standard (USABat) applies to bats that are classified below the NCAA and NFHS level of play. This was implemented January 1, 2018. All bats used in Little League, Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken, PONY, Dixie or AABC will only accept bats stamped with the USA Baseball stamp. All players 14U and below must have 2-5/8" barrels and be marked with the USABat stamp. This new bat standard has created a new "wood-like" response in aluminum bats.

BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution): BBCOR is the standard currently governing adult bats used in high school and collegiate baseball play. BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of the bat. All BBCOR bats carry the "BBCOR Certified .50" mark on the bat. These bats must carry a length to weight ratio that is no greater than -3 and a barrel diameter that does not exceed 2 -5/8".

FMYSA will permit usage of USSSA and USA Bat for play 14U and under. BBCOR certified bats are required for play 15U and above. This applies to all bats used during play of all events sanctioned by FMYSA.

Please visit the following links for further information about all 3 bat standards:

USSSA - down to Licensed Equipment and New Bat Rules)

USA Bat -


  • Penalty for use of an illegal/altered bat: The batter is out; runners may not advance on a hit ball; the bat is ejected from the game; and further use of such bat by any player on the team will result in the ejection of the player from the game; and disqualification of the team manager (head coach) from the tournament.

Additional Bat Restrictions

  • COACH PITCH BATS: Baseball bats that are designed, labeled or marketed, as "Coach Pitch," bats MAY be used ONLY in 6U, 7U and 8U Coach Pitch events! They MAY NOT be used in any PLAYER PITCH events.

Pitching & Base Distances

  • 6U - Pitching 38, Bases 50

  • 7U - 8U Pitching 40, Bases 60

  • 9U - 10U Pitching 46, Bases 65

  • 11U - 12U Pitching 50, Bases 70

  • 13U Pitching 54, Bases 80

  • 14U All Star Pitching 54, Bases 80

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