Flower Mound Youth Sports Association

AAYBA Conduct Requirements

AAYBA Texas World Series Conduct Requirements at Host Facilities & Hotels

We wanted to take just a moment to thank you again for playing in the AAYBA Texas World Series! The cities of Flower Mound, Lewisville and Highland Village welcome you, your players and your fans. These cities are wonderful partners to the AAYBA Texas World Series. To help maintain the great relationship between the AAYBA Texas World Series and these great communities it is essential that you, your players and your fans (everyone) conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner while at the host facilities and at the hotels and restaurants and businesses.

Your teams' compliance with the Conduct Requirements is a condition of participation. The AAYBA Texas World Series has advised the host facilities and hotels and community leaders that inappropriate behavior, such as excessive noise, setting off fire alarms, property damage, irresponsible use of alcohol, or failure to follow facility and/or hotel rules is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The management staff at the host facilities and hotels has been instructed to inform the AAYBA Texas World Series Tournament Directors of any problems. If such a report is received about any team, we will take disciplinary action against the violating team, including consideration of removal of the team from the AAYBA Texas World Series without refund of any fees paid.

Inappropriate conduct risks the loss of support from the communities, their facilities and their hotels. This is not something we take lightly. We must have the full support of our host communities, their facilities and their hotels to help keep the costs of the tournament down. The AAYBA Texas World Series has way too much time, energy and resources invested with our community partners to risk loss or damage to these relationships.

With respect to the facilities, the host communities and the hotels, we must all recognize that we are guests and we must conduct ourselves in a respectful, responsible and mature manner at all times. We must follow the rules and guidelines provided by the facilities and the hotels. Failure to do so risks your teams chance to compete in this and future AAYBA Texas World Series events. One of our biggest challenges is securing quality partners to host hundreds of teams and thousands of players and play thousands of baseball games over two weeks each summer. The poor conduct or bad judgment of a single person can result in a facility or hotel not being willing to host future events. Please help ensure your team and fans are respectful guests so that we can all continue to make this the best youth baseball World Series event in the country!


The AAYBA Texas World Series Staff