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    Youth Baseball and Softball Day with the Texas Rangers

    On Sunday April 12th all youth baseball participants in uniform will be able to take part in a special pregame parade at the ballpark in Arlington! Parade participants should report to the third base ramp just inside the Third Base Gate at least one and a half hours prior to the start of the game. No player autographs. Parents/Guardians will be asked to wait for their children at the ramp outside of Section 9. Parade participants and coaches looking to participate in parade must wear team uniforms. After reviewing the flyers below you can call STEPHEN COTHRAN: 817 622-7952 directly with the Texas Rangers if you have any questions.

    Please click on the PDF's below for more information.

    Important Reminders Now That GAMES Have Started!

    03/28/2015, 8:45am CDT
    By T. Black

    Always Check the Master Weekly Schedule on the Fields Tab of the FMYSA Website!

    Now that GAMES have officially resumed we wanted to send out a few important reminders:

    1. Please remember to remove bases after your game if you are the last game of the day or evening. As a general rule, always pull the bases unless there are teams there ready to play another scheduled game, or ready to conduct a scheduled practice.

    2. Please remember that game fields at Tiger, Hilltop and Glenwick will NOT be available for practices on Friday nights if there are games scheduled for Saturday mornings. (See #3.)  All game fields will be prepped and locked by the TOFM on Friday’s and unlocked by FMYSA on Saturday morning.  You may not practice on a field that is “prepped” for games. (Even if it is not locked.  If it is prepped for a game, then it’s not available for a practice. Games have priority over practice.)

    3. Critical --- Please remember to check the MASTER WEEKLY SCHEDULE each Monday for scheduled games for the coming week/weekend.

      • HOW?

        1. Click on the Fields tab at the Top of the Main Page

        2. Select Master Game Schedule

      • All scheduled games for the upcoming week will be listed here.  It is uploaded each Monday for the coming week.

      • Given the current rainouts and reschedules, there may be times when things change with very short notice – our schedulers will do their best to keep the Master Weekly Schedule updated, but please bear with us regarding reschedules as there are a tremendous amount of moving parts involved.

    4. Non usage of scheduled field time.  If you are NOT going to use a scheduled practice slot, please remember to email fields@fmysa.com as there is usually a list of teams that are waiting in the wings that are eager to practice. If you notify me, then I can make sure the field gets used by a fellow FMYSA sanctioned team in need. 

    5. Batting Cage practice slots must yield to teams needing the cages to prepare for games.  There is signage located at all batting cages stating this, so please make sure and abide by this rule.

    6. Please report any unauthorized usage to fields@fmysa.com or call/text me at 214.538.7755.

    7. For alternate practice fields you can email me at fields@fmysa.comEmail only as I must have my laptop up to be able to conduct a field search.

    8. I know you guys all know this, but please understand that we are simply maxed out on game fields, so most alternative fields we will have to provide as options at this time for practices will be our ancillary non-game fields.

    9. We will always do the best we can for you, but we have limited inventory, so please be patient as work on your behalf to find alternate practice fields.

    Thank you for all you do as coaches!

    Best regards,

    Tracy G. Black
    FMYSA General Manager

    Batting Cage Protocol Reminder

    09/21/2014, 8:45pm CDT
    By T. Black

    Important reminder regarding usage of the FMYSA Batting Cages:

    #1. Teams with games always have first priority for usage of the batting cages

    #2. Teams with scheduled cage time may use the batting cages if no teams with games are using the cages 

    #3. FMYSA "walk-ups".  Walk-up usage of the batting cages by FMYSA members is allowed if no teams are using the cages to warm up for games or for scheduled practices

    The image above is of the signage that is posted at all FMYSA Batting Cages.  Thank you for your cooperation regarding this FMYSA protocol.


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    All Star Coaches Applications Due
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    • To be considered for an All Star Baseball or Softball team, coaches must have their applications turned in by today.

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    All Star Tryouts Softball
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    • For players in 8U, 10U and 12U.

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    Pitch Hit and Run
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    All Star Baseball Tryouts
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    • Time and Location TBD.  For players in 7U - 14U

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    • Apr
    • 27
    Trophy Pick UP
    • 10:00am (CDT) Ical_event_icon
    • Crown Trophy
    • Coaches must pick up participation trophies by end of season.  If coaches are not able to pick them up, please assign ONE team parent to do so for you.

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